New 480W power supply for marine applications

The 24V, 20A DIN rail power supply CP20.245-R2 was developed for on- and offshore use in the marine and process industry. The marine-compliant power supply meets the high requirements of EMC class B without external filters and can be used directly in bridge and deck applications.

The CP20.245-R2 features the perfect electronical and mechanical design for the rough environmental conditions at sea and on the coast. The power supply is characterized by its high immunity to transients and voltage peaks as well as its robust aluminum housing. The device provides the full output power of 480W even with fluctuating ambient temperatures between -40°C and + 60°C. The extensive approval package includes Marine DNV, Marine ABS and ATEX, among others.

High reliability thanks to integrated decoupling feature

The built-in decoupling feature makes the CP20.245-R2 unique. An integrated decoupling MOSFET enables a safe 1 + 1 and n + 1 redundancy between the power supplies. This ensures the availability of all necessary systems in the event of a fault. The additional redundancy module that is normally required for this kind of setup can be omitted. The special plug-in connectors allow a replacement of the devices during operation, if the sequence described in the data sheet is adhered to.

Proven industrial version is the basis

The CP20.245-R2 is based on the proven industrial version of the CP20, which is used in thousands of applications worldwide. The high efficiency of 95.2% ensures low power losses and little waste heat. In addition, the 20% power reserve has been taken over from the basic version. The compact product width of 48mm could be retained despite the additional, application-specific features.

The CP20.245-R2 is available from stock as a standard product.

CP20.245-R2 product details

24V, 20A DIN rail power supply CP20.245-R2 for on- and offshore use in the marine and process industry.