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Tips on Applying

A good application – your key to success!

It is important that your application draws our interest to get to know you better. Your application should include the following documents:

An informative cover letter:

In your cover letter, you should explain your qualification, why exactly you are the right person for the vacancy and why you would like to work with PULS. Your cover letter gives you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your application.

CV in table form:

Your CV should summarise all the main milestones, experiences and certifications you gained at school, in further education and at work. Also mention your activities in your social life (e.g. volunteer work), personal skills (e.g. language or IT skills), hobbies and leisure activities.

Certificates and references:

Provide evidence of all of your academic qualifications, activities and experience by providing training certificates, employer references, etc.

Pay particular attention:

You can either apply directly to one of the vacancies advertised at PULS, or submit a proactive application.

If possible, send your application documents to or use this address:

Human Resources
Elektrastrasse 6
81925 Munich

for a postal application.

We will send you a confirmation as soon as we have received your documents.