10 good reasons for choosing PULS

In the following videos you will learn why PULS is your perfect partner for efficient and reliable DIN rail power supplies.

#1 Efficiency

PULS products traditionally show the best efficiency figures in the market. The benefits are high reliability, long lifetime and ease of use. We make our engineers sweat a lot for providing cool power supplies to the PULS users. Watch the video for more information.

Learn more about the importance of a high efficiency.

#2 Reliability and lifetime

We are absolutely committed to provide high operating reliability and long lifetime for our products. Supplier selection, product design and manufacturing processes are all dedicated to this goal. Highly satisfied customers confirm the success of our efforts. The video shows you more information.

Read our latest White Paper on the topics MTBF and service life (178KB).

#3 Size

The particular small size of the PULS power supplies makes system integration easy and saves money. High power densities are achieved by generating only little losses and a diligently optimized thermal design. 

The users can shrink cabinets and housings.

#4 Technology leadership

Bernhard Erdl: “Founding PULS about 40 years ago I had the vision to become the technology leader for industrial power supplies. So PULS is a technology driven company by heart. As the owner I believe it is wise to spend significantly above average in R&D and more than one hundred power supply engineers continuously push our technology forward. Detailed tests show the differences between various products and we can make that information available to our users.”

#5 Broad product range

The extensive range of products gives the PULS users the choice for finding the best solution for every application.  Users can trust in the same design philosophy and quality principles. Hence, using different products is very much straightforward.

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#6 Long product availability

All products at PULS are designed to last very long. They operate for many years and availability is typically more than 20 years. Based on the high technology standard they are competitive for a long time and there is no need for the users to evaluate and standardize a new power supply.

Users can forget to think about the power supply and focus on other topics.

#7 Global support

PULS has created a dedicated global support network of well-trained application engineers. They support all kind of topics from design-in consideration to operation questions and make the use of PULS’ products simple and easy.

Having factories in Europe as well as in Asia we can provide local support and mitigate supply chain risks. 

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#8 DIN rail power specialist

PULS is unique in being a power supply company focusing almost exclusively on DIN rail mount power supplies. We pioneered this kind of product and continuously introduce latest technologies and new features to the benefit of the users.

As fully committed experts we can offer the little extra in product and service to our demanding clients.

#9 Digital company

At PULS digitalization does not end in itself, since PULS only digitalizes if this clearly results in less efforts and more advantages to our customers. A successfully digitalized process or product will result in pure easiness.

No configurations, no form sheets and no compromises. Just simple, pure and plain usability.

#10 Trust

The whole culture of PULS is committed to trust-based long term relationships. Being privately owned and financially independent allows us to act accordingly.

We apply this philosophy to our employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and to our products, of course. So you have every reason to put your trust in PULS.

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