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100+ developers in the R&D team

The engineering competence within the PULS development team is an essential ingredient to provide you with the best power supplies for your DIN rail applications. PULS employs more than 100 developers who are specialized in the design and development of DIN rail power supplies:

Focus on DIN-rail power supplies

PULS DIN rail power supplies set the highest technological standards in the market – and this is not without reason. All our innovative products are based on the technological expertise of our development engineers.

This includes the massive expertise of Bernhard Erdl, CEO, founder and chief engineer of PULS. He is involved in the development of every new PULS power supply. He continuously leads his team of more than 100 engineers to the next level. The goal is clearly understood: We want to design power supplies, which you will love to use in your machines and systems.

See our product series and what we already have achieved:

Our portfolio of DIN rail power supplies – Best in class

Engineering competence at PULS

Our engineers are highly trained to conquer the technological challenges which we face every day. The PULS team consists of hardware developers, design engineers, mechanical engineers, test & quality engineers and technicians.

Junior and senior engineers work together on our future products. This is a gain for both sides. The experienced developers act as mentors for their younger colleagues. This means a transmission of technology and – of course – a great deal of enthusiasm.

Do you want to join the team?

PULS is growing and we are always interested in new talents to join our development team. If you want to work with us, it does not matter whether you have just graduated from university or you are an experienced engineer. The crucial factor is your love for technology and the desire to work with the best engineers in the DIN rail power supply industry.

Are you currently looking for a new challenge and want to extend your design competence?

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