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Material handling & logistics automation

PULS designs reliable DC power supplies with the highest efficiency for centralized and decentralized applications in material handling and logistics automation.

The level of automation in material handling and logistics is constantly increasing. Robots and intelligent machines are assisting employees in the warehouse on a daily basis. The material flow in the assembly line as well as the shipping preparation are also managed more and more by these intelligent machines. The influence of Industry 4.0 is clearly noticeable in all areas. But this rising level of automation requires highly efficientdurable and reliable power supplies. That is why many of the world’s leading material handling and logistics companies have partnered with PULS in order to maximise the operation and reliability of their systems.

Material handling & logistics automation

Highest efficiency and smallest size

Warehouses and distribution centres frequently operate 24/7 and down time can result in delayed order fulfilment, customer dissatisfaction, and lost revenue. At the same time, manufacturing companies are faced with a rise in cost pressure.

PULS power supplies combine the highest efficiency ratings and smallest form factor available today. This high efficiency leads to lower power losses in the form of heat – which in turn leads to a longer service life and more available space in the cabinet. This allows material handling & logistics automation system builders to minimise their costs and maximise the operation of their systems.

PULS DC power supplies – ideal for dynamic load requirements

Dynamic load requirements are often found in material handling systems and can expose power supplies to great amount of stress. PULS DC power supplies can withstand high peak currents, making them an ideal solution for this kind of application. Depending on the type, the PULS power supplies have power reserves of up to 50%.

Success thanks to clear focus on DIN rail power supplies

PULS dedicates 100% of its resources and efforts on the design, development, and manufacturing of industrial DIN-rail power supplies. We work very closely with our customers in order to solve their problems and meet their needs.

Our focus on the customer and years of technological leadership make PULS the ideal partner for manufacturers of material handling systems. Our substantial inventory allows us to meet the ever changing availability and delivery requirements of the material handling and logistics automation industry.

Motorised drive rollers (MDR), zone controllers, sensors, and other loads are powered by a wide range of reliable PULS products in many typical applications.

Applications in material handling and logistics automation

  • Automated storage & retrieval systems
  • Belt conveyor systems
  • Sorting systems
  • Storage systems
  • Palletisers & de-palletisers

Application example

Control systems for automation and logistics

PULS DIN rail power supplies can be found in the logistics systems of the largest Korean provider of automation solutions for factories. Global operating companies use these systems to control the logistics and automation processes in their factories.

The low heat generation, the enhanced DC input, the long service life and the high reliability of the PULS products convinced this customer. PULS could also provide detailed reviews, in which the PULS products were compared to products of our competitors.

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