ML60: New 60W power supplies with extended low-temperature range

Two new ML60 MiniLine supplies available in both standard and low temperature versions continue to compliment the range of MiniLine-2 power supplies.

The compact supplies are available in 12V and 24V output voltages and are packaged in a robust plastic housing.

The new ML60 offers as an off-the-shelf product a solution to powering equipment in the most harsh and severe weather conditions. As with other PULS power supplies, the ML60 have been designed for full power in temperatures of up to +60°C but what makes the new low temperature models outstanding is its ability to start and deliver full power from an extreme cold of -40°C. One major issue at low temperatures are the NTC-resistors, that are usually used to control the input inrush current for this power class. PULS has developed a special electronic inrush circuitry allowing the units to starts properly and to operate in this extreme conditions without harm.

The new units are housed in the same package as the ML50 but can deliver 20% more output power even with significantly lower costs. An advanced production technology reduces production costs without compromising quality or reliability but maintain the usage of high quality components.

Additional outstanding features of the ML60 are very low inrush current (for the low temperature models), high efficiencies up to 90.4%, small width of only 45mm, < 0.85W no-load losses, wide temperature range up to +60°C without de-rating along with long lifetime expectancy and high MTBF figures. Also included is high immunity to transients and power surges as well as the low electromagnetic emission, which makes usage in nearly every environment possible.

The ML60 power supplies are members of the MiniLine-2 family along with the ML15, 15W units (models with 5V, 12V and 24V) and the ML30 24V supply. In addition to the power supplies, a MiniLine-2 redundancy module is also available in this new series. All MiniLine-2 units are available from stock. There are no plans to obsolete any of the predecessor MiniLine models and will continue to be supported for years to come.

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