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Demand for halogen-free products

Concerning the demand for halogen-free design of products, PULS aligns with the ZVEI* positioning paper detailing the demand for “halogen-free products” in the electrical and electronics industry (Edition: Oct. 2010).

Based on the above-mentioned paper, PULS issued the following “halogen-free” affirmations regarding materials contained in PULS standard units:

  • Plastic or chemical materials (e.g. housing components, sliders, connectors, terminals, glue, heat conductive paste, etc.) do not contain halogens.
  • All other material shall contain halogens according to IEC 61249-2-21, with max. 1500 ppm halogens in total (max. 900 ppm bromine; max. 900 ppm chlorine) as far as is possible within the state of the art and/or economic viability.

*ZVEI = Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (Germany)

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