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Company history

Our technological success has always been accompanied by a clever business strategy based on trust, long-term relationships and international projects.

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Innovative solutions as an answer to the COVID-19 pandemic

PULS reacts to the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic with fast and flexible solutions. The introduction of virtual desktops allows employees to work from home smoothly and efficiently. PULS protects its employees as good as possible from a corona infection and installs various safety measures to react quickly in the case of an emergency. For example, PULS uses digital corona tracers in order to track possible chains of infection in the headquarters.

Furthermore the company supports the important Corovent Project which builds urgently needed ventilators for Czech hospitals. PULS provides 500 sets of CP10.241-M1 medical power supplies and UBC10.241 DC-UPS with built-in battery for these medical ventilators. In order to guarantee the necessary support in time the production is accelerated. As soon as Bernhard Erdl, the founder and CEO of PULS learned about the high demand for medical power supplies, he decides to donate the first 100 sets of power supplies and DC-UPS for free, as a contribution to the fight against the corona virus.

Despite the international corona crisis PULS can achieve a sales increase of 3% in this year.


Expansion into the Japanese market

In January 2019, PULS opened its sales office in Nagoya, Japan.

PULS can now offer its Japanese customers local technical support in their native language. The sales office was founded on the common ground of German and Japanese values, like honesty, quality and trust. The experienced manager Dr. Hiroshi Morikawa assembles and leads the team of power supply specialists on site. PULS is happy to assist Japanese customers with its many years of expertise and detailed technical documentation.

In the same year virtual desktops are introduced in the headquarters office environment, which allows PULS employees to work seamlessly from anywhere.


PULS doubles its production capacity in China

Production capacity doubled in China

After a construction phase of 18 months, the expansion of the production site in Suzhou (China) is now complete. The building extension covers an area of 6,000m²

Architecturally, the new facility follows the unique design of the existing building and also conforms to the same environmentally friendly production process. PULS has already won several awards for its pioneering environmental standards, including the LEED Gold Award.


PULS boosts its engineering power and customer service

An international PAC (PULS Application Center) team is founded. It is very important to PULS that all customers receive professional technical advice and the support they need. Therefore the PAC team provides application and product related technical support.

In the same year a team of 30 highly experienced R&D engineers start to work for PULS in a new office space in Vienna. Because of their power supply background, the developers bring in a lot of knowledge and experience for new product families like FIEPOS.

In 2018 the USA adopts a new tariffs policy. PULS reacts with an innovative and more flexible manufacturing model. The new strategy allows to manufacture the same devices in both manufacturing locations in China and the Czech Republic.


Etasyn becomes PULS VARIO

PULS acquires the German power supply manufacturer Etasyn. The company is now a 100% subsidiary of the PULS Group and was renamed to PULS VARIO GmbH. PULS VARIO is specialised on customer-specific power supplies as well as complete power system solutions.

PULS VARIO website


New working environment in Munich

Together with a team of employees and architects, Bernhard Erdl developed a new working environment for the PULS headquarters in Munich.

The result is a modern, innovative and unique office which is appreciated by all team members. The concept and design were already honored with several awards.

More about the new headquarters


New internal social collaboration platform

PULS implements an internal social collaboration tool. This software allows PULS employees worldwide to cooperate, share their knowledge and network internally.

Via this collaboration tool, all employees are constantly informed about the latest company and product updates.


Robot for production processes in the Czech factory of PULS.

Investment in new production technologies for higher efficiency

The first robot is installed in the Czech PULS factory. The robot is used within the production process for the final functional testing of the PULS power supplies.

PULS uses robots to automate repetitive processes, be more productive and save costs in manufacturing. The production process of DIN rail power supplies includes several repetitive work steps, which are perfect for the use of robots. As technology leader, PULS makes full use of the latest advances in robot technology.

In the same year laser marking on the product housings and inkjet marking on the packages are implemented and allow more flexibility in the production.


Expanding business in Asia-Pacific

With a qualified sales team, PULS establishes a sales office and a logistics centre in Singapore. In addition to the Application Support Team at the Chinese production site in Suzhou, PULS extends its activities to include the Asia-Pacific region with the new team in Singapore.

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30th company anniversary

The company’s 30th anniversary is celebrated with a grand ceremony.

After the global economic crisis in 2009 and the resulting scarcity of component parts, the situation begins to improve again with the order volume increasing sharply in 2010. With its large stocks of component parts, PULS is able to guarantee reliable delivery, which helps PULS to gain many new customers.

The company is expanding its market focus beyond the machine building industry and can generate sales of € 77 million.


New production facilities in China

Production starts in the newPULS production facilities in Suzhou in China. In 2010 the building is awarded with the prestigious LEED-Gold award, acknowledging its environmentally-friendly ecological design.

PULS became the global technology leader for DIN rail power supplies, staying in charge of the entire supply chain with its departments for R&D, sales and its two factories in China and the Czech Republic.

More about our production facilities in Suzhou


5 millionth power supply is sold

PULS sells its 5 millionth power supply. The hard and continous work on optimizing the efficiency of its power supplies pays off.

Learn more about DIN rail power supplies.


New production facilities in Europe

The new production facilities in Chomutov in the Czech Republic are completed and inaugurated with a big opening act.

The factory is a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly facility, combining administration and production in an exceptional complex of buildings. In 2007 the building is nominated for the award of Czech Republic’s best industrial building.

More about our production facilities in Chomutov


MGV joins PULS Group

The former competitor MGV Stromver­­­sorgungen GmbH becomes part of the PULS Group.

PULS and MGV start to offer value-add system solutions which combine standard units with individual assembly and wiring packages to provide a complete customised power supply system.

In the same year a sales representative office is founded in Shanghai.

More about value-add system solutions


New sales locations worldwide

The growing number of international customers needs local service and support.

Therefore PULS decides to establish new sales locations in the USA, China and France.

See all our current sales locations worldwide


Expansion into the international market

The first year that PULS has been selling 2/3 of its products on an international level. The company is growing and expanding on the international markets.


New R&D office in Chemnitz

PULS focuses on new product development and builds up a R&D team in Chemnitz.

Today the office in Chemnitz is PULS’ testing laboratory and participates in the Client Test Data Program and in the IECEE CTF Stage 3 Program of UL.

In the same year the company achieves a sales increase of 61% and sells its 1 millionth power supply.


PULS factory in the Czech Republic

A second production site – in parallel to Munich – is established in the Czech Republic. This factory is specialised on large-scale production series.


Agreements with partners are made

The first sales agreements are made with the industrial sales partner OEM Automatic for Sweden. Further locations of the distributor OEM Automatic in cooperation with PULS are located in Hungary, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

In the same year PULS enters the US market in cooperation with a big brand label partner.


Focus on standard power supplies for DIN rail

Bernhard Erdl, CEO and founder of PULS, decides to focus with PULS entirely on the development and manufacturing of standard power supplies for DIN rail mounting.

In the same year PULS subsidiaries in Switzerland and the UK are founded and the company generates sales of € 10 million.


Manufacturing in Munich

A new manufacturing facility is put into operation in Munich, thus marking the beginning of serial production using Surface Mount Technology.


Growing R&D team

Only one year after the German reunification PULS decides to establish a dedicated R&D department in Bad Lobenstein in Eastern Germany.

The investment in R&D resources has been one of PULS’ strategical decisions from the start and has not changed until today.


Introduction of innovative workstations

In 1986 the company introduces three high-performance, interactive PCB-CAD workstations in engineering, making it the largest user of this software in Germany at that time. The then new CAD (Computer-aided design) software supported the engineers in the development of new PCB layouts.


1 million annual turnover

PULS develops and sells the first customised power supplies to Robert Bosch Industrial Controls.

The company generates an annual turnover of a million DM for the first time. Bernhard Erdl and his team move into in a new office in a large building complex in Munich’s Arabellapark.


PULS GmbH founded in Munich

Bernhard Erdl founded PULS GmbH in Munich with the goal to revolutionise the market of switched-mode (“pulsed”) power supplies.

PULS is a technology-driven start-up. The company name “PULS“ is derived from the term “impulse”, which stands for a digital technology versus the
analog technology.