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PULS in China

Serve Chinese market and customers with reliable and innovative power supply technology.

PULS in ChinaAs a wholly-owned subsidiary of PULS GmbH, PULS Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2007, aiming at providing internationally first-class standard products and professional service of power supply area to the prosperous Chinese market. Since the company was founded, the annual growth rate of market sales has been over 60%, and sales offices have been successively established in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, with the service network covering the whole country.

Meanwhile, we have been making unremitting efforts with PULS Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd in promoting the professional skills of the Chinese engineering technology team of PULS, so as to create a more localized product application and a more complete before-sale and after-sale service system.

Currently we are providing the following products and services:

  • Flagship products of the industry such as DIN-rail power supply, DC UPS, buffer module and redundancy module
  • Extensible power solution such as redundancy system, circuit protection system, DC uninterruptible power system (UPS)
  • Application and use case for power supply such as sensor, controller, motor or communication system as the load of power supply.

All the products above have passed the certification of main certification authorities in the world such as CE, UL, CSA, GL and ATEX.

China is a country with vast territory and complicated terrains, and several climate types can be seen from its south to north, including tropical climate, sub-tropical climate, temperate climate and frigid climate. Tibetan Plateau has been a geographical peak of industry area for its rare high altitude and low temperature. Benefiting from the innovation and application of technologies, the vast land bears an infinite potential for industry control applications such as the exploitation and utilization of coal, petroleum, natural gas, oil shale, large-scale hydraulic and electric power projects, wind fields, solar power plants in the deserts, grasslands and plateau, as well as rail transit networks that sweep over the vast land. We feel much honored to be part of this. PULS power supply has been approved by more and more Chinese users for its small volume, high efficiency, stable output, low failure rate, wide range of work temperature and altitude, ourstanding EMC anti-interference ability, etc.

As a company focusing Chinese market, we deeply trust that with the deployment and implementation of the strategies “Made in China 2025” and “Internet+”, industrial automation will receive top priority in the industry development of China. In the new round of technology innovation and application, industry automation market has an infinite potential. Thus, on the basis of Chinese market structure, we have specially launched “PIANO Power Supply Series” that is outstanding in “simplicity and durability”. While ensuring the same reliability level as high-end power supply, the cost has been effectively controlled through a series of methods including function simplification, internal structure simplification, production technology optimization and packaging simplification, offering choices of better cost performance to the transition and upgrade of more medium and small enterprises.

PULS, a German company that has been focusing on automation application for 36 years, is not only the leader of global high-end application market of power supply, but also a follower of Chinese medium application market. We look forward to growing together with more Chinese enterprises and creating a bright future.