PULS and E-T-A – Electronic fuses

Selective protection of load circuits can be equired for allowing the use of small wire sizes or to isolate faulty circuits.

Traditional miniature circuit breakers (MCB’s) have physical limits due to the required high tripping current for a quick release and the low voltage of only 24Vdc. Thereby they will only function up to a certain wire length. Even the best power supply cannot change the physics, even if some of our competitors might attempt to give this impression. PULS has always been striving for a clean solution. If the wire length is too long or the wire size is too small, electronic fuses can be of help. Comprehensive tests with units from the company E-T-A demonstrate excellent characteristics in combination with PULS power supplies. To make it simpler for the user, a selection of electronic fuses from E-T-A can be obtained from PULS. Specifically this is the ESX10-T series. These units don't just simply shut down, instead they first actively limit the load current for a specific period before switching off. This ensures an uninterrupted supply voltage for adjacent branches and avoids a faulty shut-down even with connected devices with large capacitors on the input. The ESX10-T single modules are extremely narrow, require just 12.5mm of space on the DIN rail and can be combined in any number. With PULS, these fuses are available with ampere values of 2A, 4A, 6A and 10A, both with and without signal contact. Connection bars for power and signal terminals are available for easy wiring.