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Power supply for a race car

The fastest PULS power supply ever

Our CT10.241 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2 seconds and achieves a highspeed of 120 km/h. This is pretty fast for an industrial DIN rail power supply.

The WHZ racing team and its outrageously fast electronic sports car “eRnst” make this possible. Let’s see how much effort and commitment the 50 students of the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau put in this long-term project.

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Learn more about the CT10.241

Click on the CT10.241 in the middle of the picture above to learn more about the standard DIN rail power supply.

Race car construction

The electronic race car eRnst is already the eleventh car of the WHZ racing team. It is the impressive result of 10 years experience in the formula student competition. And it is pure high-tech!

It is equipped with a four-wheel drive and some brand new features – including four-wheel steering and a battery cooling system. The construction team focused on building a reliable and also lightweight car of only 195kg. To achieve the overall reliability of the car, it is extremely important to have an absolutely solid electrical board system. For several years, the students trust in the robust and reliable PULS power supplies to supply the board system of their race cars.

They use a CT10.241 as a DC/DC converter. The unit converts the 600V battery voltage into a 24V voltage for the board system. With its small size of only 62mm the CT10 fits perfectly into the battery box. However, its characteristical blue aluminium housing had to be removed – which makes it look – well – pretty naked.

The CT10 has to endure very harsh conditions in the race car due to the extreme temperatures and heavy shock and vibration. But the students confirmed that no PULS power supply has ever failed. The reliability and flexibility of the CT10 even under such unusual circumstances is amazing.

Formula Student

However, even the most beautiful car is of no use if it fails to transfer the performance onto the track. Every year, the racing competition Formula Student gives the students the possibility to prove the performance, safety, business concept and – of course – the speed of their little racers.

The events take part on the most famous racetracks across Europe, which are home to Formula 1, DTM and MotoGP. Just to name a few: Silverstone (UK), Barcelona (Spain), Hockenheim (Germany) and Spielberg (Austria).

Thanks to the WHZ racing team, PULS can proudly say: “Our power supply raced them all!”

Cars, teams and tracks

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