PULS power supplies help fight COVID-19

PULS donates power supplies for the production of medical ventilators, which will be distributed among Czech hospitals for the treatment of coronavirus patients.

Patients suffering from the coronavirus, experience serious respiratory symptoms, that require the treatment with a medical ventilator. If the number of infected people in the Czech Republic increases and reaches a similar level as in Italy, the capacity of available medical ventilators will be insufficient. In a few weeks hundreds of ventilators would be needed - but ventilators are no longer available on the market. Therefore, the CoroVent initiative (CTU and Covid19CZ project) took the task of assembling cheap medical ventilators in the Czech Republic. CoroVent's goal is to build 500 medical ventilators and provide them to Czech hospitals free of charge in a very short time.

CoroVent's initiate to provide open-source medical ventilator for patients with COVID-19 is a joint project of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, together with volunteers from the Covid19CZ initiative. Covid19CZ is a joint activity of Czech technological companies and IT enthusiasts focused on helping to fight COVID-19.

PULS was approached by CoroVent and we were able to convince them that PULS is the right and reliable partner for this project. We were able to offer a suitable technical solution, especially due to the need for small space, but also by showing our flexibility of PULS and our production site in Chomutov. PULS will produce 500 sets of CP10.241-M1 medical power supply and UBC10.241 DC-UPS with built-in battery for these medical ventilators. On Thursday morning we delivered two sets for prototype construction and on Friday, 27th of March our participation in this project was officially confirmed. Due to the need for expedited delivery, the planned production had to be accelerated by almost 3 weeks.

PULS will donate the first 100 sets of power supplies and DC-UPS for free, as a contribution to the fight against coronavirus. As soon as he learned about the demand, Managing director Bernhard Erdl decided to donate these units. We are delighted that our PULS power supplies can help in these complicated times and would like to thank everyone who is involved in this project both externally and internally at PULS.

PULS power supplies help fight COVID-19