The new heart of PULS

The heart of PULS has moved. Since March 6, 2017, it is beating in a highly modern working environment at Elektrastrasse 6 in Munich's Arabellapark.

120 employees of the power supply specialist PULS now have a new home in an inspiring working world. The innovation that drives PULS in the design of every power supply also flows through this new office.

Every detail – whether visible or hidden – was given special attention, without losing sight of the big picture or the functionality. The result is a unique working environment that brings all departments together in an efficient, family-like and value-oriented manner. Maintaining the central location of the office in the heart of Munich was another important aspect because, besides the innovative technology, it is one of the reasons why PULS is so appealing for the best engineers, specialists and ambitious talents.

"With the new office, we give our working culture an additional boost. The working area reflects the uniqueness and creativity that unite the PULS team. We refine these characteristics every day for the benefit of our customers," says Bernhard Erdl, CEO and founder of PULS GmbH, about the project.

In the working environment, seemingly opposites were successfully brought together, which is quite typical for PULS. The employees can work freely, flexibly and independently in the open areas and can meet in interdisciplinary teams. At the same time, shared desks were deliberately relinquished. The personal desk, which is height-adjustable, remains the home base of every employee.

PULS DIN-rail power supplies have been the heart of electrical systems and machines for more than 35 years. It is only logical that the new working environment is also a matter of heart for the company.

How to get to the new heart of PULS