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Building automation

PULS DIN-rail power supplies are reliable, small-sized and fulfil all important standards for the use in building automation.

The broad range of applications for power supplies in the building automation sector is often accompanied by stringent technical requirements. The conditions subjected to a building are often severe. Thunder storms can cause high transients in the supply voltage of power supplies, especially in high buildings and towers. Therefore a robust electrical design of the input converter is vital. In the case of extreme conditions, surge protectors are additionally implemented to protect the power supply input.

Small size and low generation of heat

In building applications, the installation space for the power supply is often limited, e.g. in suspended ceilings. PULS power supplies with their inherently compact dimensions and high efficiency fit perfectly in these applications.

High MTBF figures guarantee perfect reliability

A highly efficient power supply helps to keep the temperature in the cabinet down – ensuring a long service life and high MTBF figures. In LED lighting applications especially, high service life figures are essential and high MTBF figures help to minimise the failure rate.

PFC norm is fulfilled

In many building applications the PFC norm, EN 61000-3-2, is required. PULS power supplies are able to fulfil this requirement with active correction which minimises the reactive current in the mains supply.

Typical applications

  • LED lighting applications
  • Venetian blind drives
  • Communication
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Emergency lighting
  • DC-UPS for surveillance

Application example:

Royal Clock Tower in MeccaRoyal Clock Tower in Mecca

When night falls in Mecca, the green dials of the world’s largest clock tower are still clearly visible at a distance of over 10 miles. This is achieved with two million LEDs – and around 1000 power supplies.

PULS has been entrusted with providing these power supplies. This project placed particular demands on the inrush current. Selected PULS products can cope with the very high inrush currents that occur when 1000 power supplies are switched on simultaneously. The requirement for low heat generation was achieved due to the high efficiency of up to 95.5% and compact size. Additionally, as the tower is 601 meters high, the power supplies must have high immunity to a possible lightning strike in order to ensure uninterrupted service.

PULS Dimension XT series, 48V / 20A fulfil all of these challenging requirements and deliver the one million watts of power that are required to illuminate the LEDs in the Royal Clock Tower in Mecca.

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