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Twisting toward possibilities

Rubik’s cube solving machine

Together we can make magic happen

Surely everyone has already tried to solve a Rubik’s cube at some point.

And surely everyone´s first attempt looked pretty similar. It usually ends in vain as you find yourself looking at a chaotic color pattern of cubies, although you think you have already tried every possible combination.

But do you want to know the actual number of viable combinations to a Rubrik´s cube?

Well, it is quite an extensive number let me tell you that. To be precise the total number is 43,252,003,274,489,856,000, which is about 43.25 quintillion.

Now let´s put this into perspective. If you would try out one combination every second, you would have tried all of them after 1.37 trillion years. That is nearly equivalent to the age of the universe times a hundred.

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Twisting up mechatronics and automation

We at PULS, strive for continuous innovation and therefore strongly want to support young generations in the process of becoming creative and successful entrepreneurs.

In a world, where information overload is an everyday topic, we think it is important to focus on meaningful achievements that bring a little magic to our lives.

This is why, we would like to share this interesting and inspiring story with you today:

This story is about four young men studying mechatronics and automation at the University Bielefeld. Tom Töws, Matthias Risse, Jan Ewerszumrode und Laurids Wetzel have decided to bring some magic to their module on mechatronic systems, by paying special attention to the Rubik´s Cube.

The goal of this project being to develop and optimize a machine that solves this magic cube automatically.

The idea and concept were initiated by their fellow students, who could however not finish it entirely due to lacking budgets.

CP20.241 brings the machine to life

And this is exactly where PULS came in and could make a contribution to this special innovation.

Hence, we have sponsored one of our DIN-rail power supplies for 1-phase systems. The CP20.241 is a new product with 24V and 20A, which was able to provide the correct dimensions to successfully implement the project.

Features such as its compact size, high efficiency values as well as the optimized cooling of the device were of great help to the young team of engineers.

If you would like to get some more information on this product please refer to this page.

Bringing solutions to high gear

After three months of hard work, intensive brainstorming and a lot of teamwork it was finally done. Problems for instance were things like the recording of the state of the cube via image processing, the control of stepper motors for turning the cube sides and a complex manual mounting of the cube.

But where there is a will, there is a way. Despite all the obstacles their dedication and diligence had finally paid off. An extended remake now takes on the shape of the developed machine, which is of excellent quality and meets all the necessary requirements to be used at industry fairs.

On top of this, the team has established a high-quality and robust industrial design.

Now this part is where the magic happens:

The Rubik’s or magic cube can ideally be solved at a speed of 15 moves per second. The underlying solution algorithm requires between 10 and 35 turns. In the best case, the cube can therefore be solved in less than a second and can therefore compete with professional approaches and solutions.


We want to congratulate this young team of innovators on their successful project and are happy to have been a small part of it.

We are hoping for many more of these wonderful initiatives, as this topic is predicted to become a big part of the future.

And of course, we are all striving for a magical future characterized by creativity, drive and innovation.