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New headquarters in Munich

Design thinking led to a new working environment

The cameras of the 12-meter telescopes are being powered by PULS DIN rail power supplies. (Source: CTA Observatory / G. Pérez, IAC, SMM /

Developing innovations also requires an appropriate analogue workspace concept. The work environment must give employees the option to work together in interdisciplinary teams, work visually, test ideas, observe intensive phases of concentration, create prototypes, and much more.

This results in future-proof, user-oriented solutions. In short: an innovative work environment must offer genuine space for Design Thinking.

From prototype to an innovative working environment

We use Design Thinking in two completely different ways. On the one hand, we were guided by the Design Thinking approach when the new premises were being developed. The starting point was to understand employee needs and working methods. In addition, the workplace concepts of other companies were analysed both for inspiration and to avoid repeating common mistakes.

Based on these observations, a prototype was developed  and a room in the old office building was rebuilt accordingly. In the prototype room, the employees – as the target group – had the opportunity to test furniture and lighting concepts, evaluate floor coverings, follow sketches from architects and carpenters, and monitor project progress on whiteboards; feedback was explicitly requested at all stages.

The experience gained and suggestions from employees were directly incorporated into the development phase of the new premises. The result is a unique work environment that is currently in the advanced stages of “refinement”.

Award winning concept

The team of the architecture and design studio Evolution Design was honored with the Golden A’Design Award.
They were awarded for their design of the new PULS headquarters in Munich.

Creativity desired

The new world of work is itself the result of a Design Thinking process. It is therefore only logical that the rooms encourage employees to follow this innovative approach themselves.

The environment invites you to engage in creative work. Many walls can be written on or are magnetic. The Project Area is the perfect meeting place for team-working in larger groups. There are also numerous small meeting rooms and break out areas available for 2-3 persons; these are not bookable and can be used at any time.

Innovation needs focus

Attention has also been paid to concentrated individual working and desk sharing has been deliberately avoided. The personal desk or developer workstation, which is also height-adjustable, remains the base station for every employee. Employees can find an even more peaceful environment in the quiet spaces, such as the small library. In these quiet spaces there are no telephones or mobile phone calls, and even loud conversations are a no-no.

A modern nap room allows staff to take time to slow down and relax. Here, employees can get comfortable in a massage or relaxation chair to recharge their batteries with a quick nap.

Naturally, attention has been paid to digital technology across the entire working environment. Employees can connect to their desktop on their workstation via any screen and work together with their colleagues in Munich, and thanks to video conferencing systems work on projects with their global teams.

Form follows function

The great innovative power that drives PULS in developing each power supply is evident in the design elements of the new working environment. Every detail – whether visible or hidden – has received special attention; nothing was left to chance.

Even the lighting concept for the workstations is based on a joint development by our CEO Bernhard Erdl and the designer Tobias Grau. The cabinets and sideboards were also developed in-house.

This consistency of detail runs across both floors. The result is a coherent overall picture of modern shapes and colours featuring the highest level of functionality.