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Corporate responsibility

The image of our company and the trust of our customers, employees and the public essentially depend on the concrete behavior of each individual who works for PULS.

Code of Conduct

Each of us must contribute to ensuring that our company lives up to its values and fulfills the positive expectations that are placed in us.

For this reason, the PULS Group is committed to the cross-industry Code of Conduct of the ZVEI and the VDMA.

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The quest for the reliability and quality of our products characterizes our daily activities and is for us a matter of course. Our ability to solve problems creates innovation and makes life easier for everyone.

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We at PULS see ourselves obliged to bring environmentally friendly products to the market. The high efficiency of our power supply units is the key to a resource-efficient energy consumption, in which we support our customers. Our manufacturing sites are also designed for low power consumption.

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Occupational health & safety

The safety of our products is a critical quality characteristic for us. The creation and maintenance of a safe, health and performance-enhancing work environment is an important prerequisite for us to be successful. We expect the same from our business partners.

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Risk awareness

We actively identify, evaluate and manage risks in all areas of the company.
In this way, we prevent against negative effects or weaken unfavorable situations.

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Information security

We want to ensure smooth operations and protect ourselves from criminal activities. That is why security is more than an essential part of our infrastructure for us; it is firmly anchored in our consciousness. The protection of intellectual property and personal data is an essential part of our day-to-day business.

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