Pioneering PULS manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China

The modern PULS power supply factory in Suzhou Industrial Park has a strong commitment to sustainability as a core component of the corporate philosophy.

The accomplished and progressive concept of the factory was thought through from the beginning to the end and worked out in detail. In 2009, the building received the "SIP Award for Energy Saving and Sustainability" for its energy and building technology. In 2010, the prestigious LEED® gold certificate was awarded for setting standards in regards to a new ecological and environmentally aware manufacturing facility.

Pioneering functionality and attractive design

In 2007 the new PULS power factory in the Czech Republic has been nominated for best industrial design. Now the success story has continued with the Suzhou plant. Both green buildings are pioneering projects that have an important ground-breaking function. They show what is possible and prove that sustainability can stand the test and be worthwhile.

Using a similar design of the PULS Czech Republic building, the aluminum outer façade of the Suzhou factory, gives the factory an unmistakable look. The building corners are rounded at each end to reflect both the style and the profile of the PULS products. The remaining facade is finished with dark enameled glass panels.


The sophistication of the overall architectural approach is continued with an exclusive and uniquely artistic interior design. The working area as well as the offices are designed with creativity and excellence. There is a master plan underlying the aesthetics which fuses the company’s identity and mission with the high-end quality of its products’ pioneering cutting-edge technology. Ecological aspects join economic merits and undergo a prospering synergy.

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