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Regulations for device repair

During the warranty period

  • Devices will not be repaired by PULS, but replaced with replacement devices.
    However, in all cases PULS reserves the right to carry out economically viable device repairs where necessary.

Outside the warranty

(Applies if the warranty period has expired or the damage was caused by the customer.)

  • Devices are not repaired outside the warranty. Nevertheless, PULS reserves the right to carry out economically reasonable device repairs if necessary, even for devices outside the warranty. The repair price is usually 40% of the list price, but no less than 40 EUR.

After device discontinuation (EOL)

  • PULS will offer the customer a compatible successor device in the event of discontinuation of the original device. In the unlikely event that no compatible successor device can be offered for the customer application, PULS is prepared to repair devices, as long as repair components are available or can be procured and the required test equipment is available and can be used. In this case, PULS will offer the customer a repair price agreement for EOL devices

Explanation of the regulations above:

Device repair requires a high level of administrative, logistical and manufacturing effort. PULS focuses instead on analysing defective devices and initiating effective corrective and preventive measures to continuously reduce the return rate of our product families. Our extremely low field return rate confirms the validity of our approach.