PULS USA & Americas

Superior Products, Application/Engineering Assistance and Customer Service

PULS USA & Americas is focused and dedicated to delivering the most technologically advanced DIN-rail power supplies on the market today and to offering unexpected levels of customer service and application/engineering assistance.

You have known our product for years as we first entered the US Market private labeling PULS designed and manufactured products for a well recognized supplier of Power Products. Since that time, many have copied our physical appearance but never equaled our performance and capabilities. In 2003 our agreement with our previous partner concluded, and PULS USA & Americas was created to bring to the North American Market not only our well accepted line of products, but in addition application and engineering expertise to assist you in selecting and applying our growing family of advanced products.

Every standard product that we make is stocked in our North American Distribution Center and is capable of being shipped to any North American location within 24 hours. In addition, our focused network of technically competent and highly trained distributors have local inventory and application experts to satisfy your demanding requirements.

At our office in Chicago, we offer engineering assistance to all classes of customers and welcome your phone inquiries and application questions. The power supply is the heart of your control system - you should demand the best.

This year we are once again setting the standards for the DIN-rail power supply market as we launch our new DIMENSION family of switched-mode power supplies. This family is truly a new "Dimension" in power. This new generation of power supplies brings to the market products that are up to 55% smaller than previous designs while offering unmatched efficiency of up to 95%. Additional features of BonusPower® for up to 50% additional output capacity, and active power factor correction for a power factor in excess of 0.9; these are only a few of the exciting new features. We have continued to expand our offering of speciality network power supplies with the introduction of DeviceNet Power Supplies along with our previous family of AS-Interface Power Supplies.

If you have questions or need application assistance please contact us at our office in Chicago. We look forward to assisting you with your requirements.