Bernhard Erdl appointed member of the Senate of Economy

PULS GmbH founder, owner and CEO Bernhard Erdl was appointed as a member of the Senate of Economy Europe in February 2020. This membership serves as further proof of PULS actively recognising their values with regard to entrepreneurial responsibility on an international level. As a member of the Senate of Economy Europe, PULS will connect with like-minded company representatives to pursue common, eco-social goals within the EU.

The Senate of Economy is composed of figures from the sectors concerned with business, science and society whose responsibility to their country and society is of particular importance to them. They work together to implement concrete goals for the common good in the context of an eco-social market economy.

A focus on values

When PULS was founded in 1980, Bernhard Erdl had already defined the core values such as honesty, fairness and trust that still form the basis of our corporate culture today. These values are also reflected in the goals of the Senate of Economy.

At PULS, this value-based responsibility can be seen in our culture and working environment, which promotes the employees’ creativity and continuous improvement. Only in this particular way we can fulfil the high quality requirements we set for our Products and services.

PULS has already received numerous awards for this global strategy . Most recently, PULS was awarded “Best Employer” in 2019 for our manufacturing facility in China’s Suzhou region.

The courage to succeed

With the goal of positioning PULS as the leader in technology for DIN rail power supplies, Bernhard Erdl has made some brave decisions over the past 40 years. In the 1990s, he decided to fully lead the company towards the development and manufacturing of switch-mode power supplies for DIN rail mounting, even though this category of power supplies was still in its infancy at the time.

The willingness to take these courageous decisions, to really feel strongly about them and to lead a company correspondingly also is in line with the common goals of the Senate of Economy. This actively advocates for economic prospects in times of change.

Sustainable products and manufacturing

At PULS, the maxim of sustainable business is firmly anchored in our operations and manufacturing processes. We have taken it upon ourselves to develop environmentally friendly and durable products. As a result, our customers benefit from resource saving features such as low waste of energy and a longer product lifetime. However, environmental protection begins long before the product reaches the customer – that is, during manufacturing. PULS’ modern plants in China and the Czech Republic are designed for the lowest possible energy consumption.

Social and ecological responsibility

Bernhard Erdl places great value on the pioneering role that PULS plays in both global social and ecological topics – being appointed as a member of the Senate of Economy Europe will open new doors in this regard.

Bernhard Erdl appointed member of Senate of Economy