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What is the meaning of the IP ratings for power supplies?

The IP rating indicates to what extent an electrical device is protected against the penetration of foreign objects and moisture. In this blog post, you can find out which IP codes there are, what the differences are between them and what you need to pay attention to when choosing a power supply. Environmental influences such […]

Power Supply

Analysing backfeeding events with the help of power supply data

Backfeeding is a physical process that is highly desirable in many applications, such as electric vehicles, for the purpose of energy recovery. However, in an industrial setting, backfeeding can be a problem and lead to costly system downtimes if the power supply units fail. In this blog article you will learn how power supply data […]

Power Supply

Efficient power supplies – An investment in the future

In the search for a suitable power supply, the costs play a major role, alongside the technical requirements. The focus is often on the initial purchase price, while other potential costs that may be incurred during the operation of the power supply are not taken into consideration. In this blog post, we demonstrate why the […]

Power Supply

What does the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) tell you?

MTBF is the measure for the reliability of a device or system component. In this blog article you will learn what exactly is meant by MTBF, why it is an important quality indicator for power supplies and how it differs from service lifetime. The term MTBF appears in the data sheets of various technical system […]

PULS wins the “Automation Innovation Award” at the 21st CAIMRS

With its Field Power Supplies (FIEPOS), PULS won the “Automation Innovation Award – Power Distribution Category” once again in the 21st CAIMRS Automation and Digitalisation Annual Selection. On February 24th, the “2023 China Automation + Digitalization Industry Annual Conference” and the “CAIMRS Annual Awards Ceremony” were successfully held in Suzhou, China. The event attracted hundreds […]