PULS has perfected the DIN-rail power supplies for industrial applications. Based on this expertise, the company offers a product line for railway applications.

The DIN-RAILway power supplies from PULS represent a new range of railway power supplies whose concept has already been proven in tens of thousands of industry applications worldwide. What distinguishes the new PULS DIN-RAILway power supplies is the extremely simple DIN-rail fixation.

The performance requirements for railway applications are challenging on several fronts: Failures cannot be tolerated, even under extreme mechanical stress over an extended temperature range. Historically, the input voltages in railways differ from those experienced in industrial applications.

PULS power supplies are approved to fulfil railway standards

A complete range of 1- to 3- phase units and DC/DC converters are currently available, all of which can be mounted on DIN rails and are approved to comply with the common railway standards:

  • EN 50155 Railways Applications - Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • EN 61373 Rolling Stock Equipment – Shock and vibration tests
  • EN 50121-3-2 Electromagnetic Compatibility – Rolling stock – Apparatus
  • EN 45545-2 Fire Protection on Railway Vehicles

The units are: convection cooled, operational down to -40°C; equipped with vibration-compensating spring clamp terminals, conformal coated, extremely lightweight in a compact housing and exhibit the highest level of efficiency. PULS DIN-Railway customers also receive the benefits of the logistical resources of a large-scale manufacturer.

Railway applications within the train and on the track

  • Central power
  • Air conditioning
  • Communication
  • Infotainment
  • Signalling technology
  • Train protection

Application example

Railway application image

SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)

PULS power supplies are now utilised within approximately 800 electrical cabinets all over Switzerland for the control of power lines for the trains, installed along the railroad track.

The customer was reassured by the innovative solutions and comprehensive technical support. A safety certificate for the special requirements for both 50Hz and 16,7Hz (with a standard device) were provided according to the application requirements.

An essential selection criterion for this application was the ability of PULS to support and deliver the chosen product types for many years after design-in. Naturally, cost was important too - the solution provided by PULS was significantly more cost effective than the existing installation.

Selection of PULS DIN rail power supplies that are used successfully in railway applications:

DC/DC converter

Article Number
DC Output Range Power Input Dimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
CP10.241-60 24V 8.3A 24-28Vdc 200W DC 96-110V 39 124 117 railway applications
CPS20.241-60 24.5V 16.3A 24.5Vdc 400W DC 110V 65 124 127 railway applications
QS5.241-60 24V 4.2A 24-28Vdc 100W DC 110V 40 124 117 railway applications

DIN-rail power supplies for 1-phase systems

Article Number
DC Output Range Power Input Dimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
CPS20.241-C1 24V 20A 24-28Vdc 480W AC 100-240V 65 124 127 conformal coated
QS10.241-C1 24V 10A 24-28Vdc 240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 60 124 117 conformal coated

DIN-rail power supplies for 3-phase systems

Article Number
DC Output Range Power Input Dimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
QT20.241-C1 24V 20A 24-28Vdc 480W AC 380-480V 65 124 127 conformal coated